Eliminating nearby distractions is one of the best ways achieve mental clarity and maintain focus while writing. Lighting can help channel your focus.

Lamp shining down on desk in a low lit room
Lamp shining down on desk in a low lit room
Photo by Ciel Cheng on Unsplash

Why is having your phone next to you while you’re trying to do something meaningful so distracting? Simple, it lights up thereby shifting your attention off the current task at hand. From police car lights to lighthouses along the coast, light can be used to direct our attention. Similar to a spotlight in a theatrical performance, our attention shifts to the subject to which the light shines upon. What’s more is that light can boost your alertness and mental sharpness under proper conditions. It is the same reason it might be harder to wake up in a room with the…

Apple’s silicon chips including the M1 processor are more secure. SoC (system on chip) refinements enable secure boot processes and enhanced privacy of user biometric data.

A new MacBook opened at a 45 degree angle with the keyboard reflecting off the screen
A new MacBook opened at a 45 degree angle with the keyboard reflecting off the screen
Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

You may be surprised to find out that the new M1 Macs no longer include the T2 chipset. This is great news because back in October of 2020, a design flaw had not only been discovered but deemed ‘unpatchable.’ Details around that specific vulnerability can be found here. It is important to note that the T2 chips are still currently used for Intel based Macs but not for the new M1 Macs.

Are Apple silicon Macs less susceptible to this and other security vulnerabilities? In short, yes! …

In order to sell anything on eBay, you will need to provide your social security number. Is it safe?

Image of the eBay logo
Image of the eBay logo
Image by Simon from Pixabay

Starting February 1st, 2021, eBay requires your Social Security number and a checking account for all sellers. Allow me to share with you my recent experience selling on eBay to help decide if it is worth providing this info. Given the company’s spotty track record, there are some things to consider before willingly giving up your Social Security number. If enough user’s decide not to, will this new requirement be the nail in the coffin for eBay?

I’ve never been a so called ‘Power Seller’ on eBay but I have occasionally sold an item or two on the platform. In…

All three iPhone 12 models side by side on top of desk
All three iPhone 12 models side by side on top of desk
Photo by Denis Cherkashin on Unsplash

TLDR: The iPhone 12 mini has the best features marketed in the pro models minus the cost.

About this time a year ago, Apple was touting their latest and greatest iPhone ever, the iPhone 11. Quite naturally, this year, Apple recently announced the iPhone 12. One major difference between last year’s lineup is that this year’s lineup includes the iPhone mini. This is huge news, here’s why…

Let’s be real here, phones by their nature are intended to be small. Yet somehow we’ve gotten into these huge form factors for phones. Why? There was a time when the cutting edge…

Nice article, I did not realize people actually fall victim to such lavish schemes. Seems a bit common sense that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I think you're right in that there needs to be some level of accreditation for online courses given anyone can just create one. I suppose this is where reviews kick in which should benefit both the creator and consumer. The one part I disagree with is #2 'beta testing'. That would essentially force you to give away your course for free before charging for it. I personally find…

Same specs, slight difference in price — which machine makes the most sense for you?

Two MacBooks side by side on a desk
Two MacBooks side by side on a desk
M1 MacBook Air vs. M1 MacBook Pro

Two machines, same processor, same amount of memory but does that mean both perform the same? Let’s find out.

One machine is designed for users looking for a lightweight ultra portable Mac while the other machine is intended for what are known as ‘power users.’ Never has there been two Macs with the exact same specs in different form factors. The obvious question becomes what is different between the two machines?

If you max out the M1 versions of the MacBook Air and the 13” MacBook Pro, the Pro model winds up being $150 more. Why? …

Image of hot lava pouring into the ocean on a stormy day
Image of hot lava pouring into the ocean on a stormy day
Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

Launch an application on macOS Big Sur and without your consent, Apple knows exactly which application and when you started it. This little ‘feature’ is not advertised on Apple’s website.

It must be a mistake, right? A unique identifier is sent over to Apple’s servers including information about which application you launched. Launch Safari — Apple knows, launch Microsoft Word — Apple knows, launch Messages or your favorite email client — Apple knows that too. What if you double click on an image that opens up in Preview? Yeah, they track that as well.

The most obvious question is what…

Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash

I received my first pair of Apple AirPods as a birthday present. I didn’t think it was something I really needed as my wired set of Apple EarPods worked just fine. Admittedly, they look like cigarette sticks hanging off your ears and the idea of radiation from bluetooth being so close to my brain was not all that appealing. Regardless, I put them into my ears, low and behold, the earth’s axis shifted a bit. These were game-changers. Why?

For the first time, in a long time, I had my hands on an Apple product that reminded me of unboxing…

A new M1 Macbook Pro sitting on top of a desk
A new M1 Macbook Pro sitting on top of a desk
Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

TLDR: Second generation M1 Macs will soon be on the way with a refreshed design, more ports, better performance and even better battery life.

It is no surprise, you’ve probably read the reviews on the new M1 chipsets by now. The general consensus based on most reviewers right now is that the Apple M1 chipset beats the Intel chips in practically every way. When it comes to performance and battery life (the key benchmarks for processors)the Apple M1 chipset is winning.

So why wait?

Beta hardware

For starters it’s first gen. How many gen 1 products were flawless from day one? Apple…

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